MTV EMAs: The Killers' Drummer on the Band's 10th Anniversary, Future

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The Killers

Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. talks about why the band's EMAs performance on Sunday might be the last one for a while and the importance of upcoming release "Direct Hits."

The Killers are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with the Nov. 11 release of "Direct Hits," a best-of collection with two new songs.

Ahead of the release, the band will on Friday headline the MTV World Stage concert in Amsterdam, followed by a Sunday performance at the MTV European Music Awards in the Dutch city.

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Amid talk of band members about exhaustion and touring fatigue, some observers have said the EMA gig may be the last Killers performance for a while.

" I think everybody is looking forward to putting their feet up for a little while and having some normalcy," drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. told THR.

Asked for a prediction if and when the band may get together next, he said: "I think it will be a little while. I don't think it will take an unnaturally long time for us to get guys together. [But] it's time to take a breather and ground out a little bit."

On the importance of the band's 10th anniversary and how it plays into future considerations, Vannucci said: "The whole 10-year thing is crazy to think about. And we have only recently started thinking about it, because everybody brings it up."

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Talking about "Direct Hits," he said: "We're not in the habit of resting on our own laurels and looking back and giving ourselves a pat on the back for shit we have done. I am trying to keep looking ahead. [But] all of a sudden you had to think about it and how life has changed. We're really lucky to have this crazy life we have."

What would he like to do next? "In 2011, I made a record, and I think I want to make another record," the drummer said. "I'm already starting it. I like to keep moving. I love that notion of momentum. I think some of the guys are just going to chill out, keep writing probably, make sure to get some rest."

Asked about the style of his planned release and when it may come out, Vannucci said: "So far, it is sounding like somewhere between ZZ Top and Tron. I think it will be ready when it's ready -- probably next year."

Asked about the EMAs gigs, he said about MTV's biggest international event of the year: "It's one part promotion, one part party, one part art exhibit and another part vaudeville freak show. It's cool to be part of that dynamic."

Vannucci said he is particularly looking forward to performing. "I look forward to rocking on live TV," he told THR. "It's a party, so I'm looking forward to being swept into the craziness of it all."

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