MTV International Launches 'Super Shore,' First Pan-Regional Co-Production

Courtesy of MTV International

The newest installment of the 'Shore' franchise launches Tuesday in Spain, France and Latin America.

Super Shore, the globe-spanning spinoff of Jersey Shore, is set to launch on MTV International on Tuesday. 

A pan-regional co-production, a first for MTV, Super Shore merges the casts from the successful Spain version, Gandia Shore, with that of Mexico’s Acapulco Shore for a 30-day shoot in the Mediterranean, using more than 50 exterior locations.

“It was a natural idea to do it between Spain and Mexico because of the language,” said Laura Abril, vp youth and music brands for VIMN South Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Both of us [Abril and MTV Latin America’s Tiago Worcman] run several territories. So we decided we might as well extend the footprint, especially since both of the franchises had worked extremely well in many of those territories.”

Abril pointed out that MTV has a “good precedent” with Spanish-language product traveling very well. Both Gandiawhich set all-time highs for Digital Terrestrial Television when it aired in Spain in 2012, and Acapulco, which clocked two strong seasons at home in 2014 and 2015, traveled well to non-Spanish-speaking territories. For example, in Italy, Acapulco reached 9.4 million viewers and was the No. 2 show in the premiere period.

MTV did not use the new Viacom Miami studio, as Super Shore required on-site locations in Spain and on the Greek island of Mykonos. Spain’s Magnolia TV handled the production, which included dozens of robotic, Polaroid cube cam, Go Pro and other cameras, including a drone.

The show will premiere on the same day in Spain, France and 19 Latin American countries, with Portugal launching on Wednesday, Turkey and Greece on Thursday and Italy in March. Each territory will have its own customized version, with Portuguese subtitles in Portugal and local-language dubbing in France and Italy. 

The franchise will allow MTV to introduce its newest app to synchronize audiences, Worcman said. 

"We’re unveiling the new MTV Play app, our first TV-everywhere service in Latin America, where we will premiere all MTV Super Shore episodes two days before they air on linear channel," Worcman explained.

Abril said there were obvious economic benefits in “getting two extremely successful franchises and sharing the cost between two big regions like Latin America and Southern Europe,” particularly when banking on a well-known cast.

But most important, Abril said, the project represented MTV’s "glocal" strategy, the combination of global and local flavor.

“We really want to reinforce this glocal approach to content," she said. "You will probably see in the next weeks and months that we reinforce this glocal-ness, either by doing local shows that can travel abroad or doing pan-territorial projects that are conceived for many regions from the starting point. We do expect to have more shareablity of content.”

While she shied away from talking about a cross-regional MTV slate, Abril said: “We hope it’s the first of many. There is a strong will to do more.”

Worcman, however, said Brazilian show It's a Match, a docu-reality show that reveals how people look for love and sex through social media, and particularly on Tinder, "could easily travel to other territories."

Worcman said he sees cross-region productions becoming more common at MTV as everyone looks to order shows that will make a splash. He explained, "As we seek to create the most compelling content for our audience, we look forward to working together with partners from any of our other territories that can help us create this content."