MTV Korea content gets new outlet


SEOUL -- MTV Networks Korea announced Monday the launch of a new multimedia platform called MTView, together with four leading Korean Web sites and online portals, to create the largest video content portal in Korea.

MTView brings together Bugs, Empas, and Pandora TV with MTV BOOMBOX, with 15 million online viewing streams and 23 million registered members, to showcase MTV-branded content along with user-created content from Pandora TV, music videos from Bugs, news and entertainment information from and the Web search ability of Empas.

"The launch of MTView marks a groundbreaking partnership in a series of cross-platform initiatives, spearheaded by five leading media companies in the market," said Luke Kang, managing director of MTV Networks Korea. "This digital offering not only enables us and our partners to intensify our connections with Korean consumers, it will also give us a strong competitive advantage to stay ahead of technology and user trends in the market."

MTV said that, in the next phase of its MTView, the service will allow users to customize and share videos through a multiplatform social network.

To kick off MTView, the new girl-band Wonder Girls is scheduled to give their first live performance today(13) that audiences will be able to see on all five platforms.

MTV BOOMBOX launched in May 2006, becoming the first MTV-branded broadband network in Asia.