MTV Movie Awards: Hosts Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Tease a Loose, Laid-Back Show

Getty Images

"What MTV is very good at is always pushing the envelope."

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, stars of the upcoming action comedy Central Intelligence, held a press junket Friday at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, where they teased that the 25th annual MTV Movie Awards will go “above and beyond.”

When asked how the show will compare to the Academy Awards, Hart said, “The Oscars are the Oscars. You’ve got to take your hat off and give respect to the Oscars, but this is the time to loosen up and take the edge off.” The awards show, which is noted for unorthodox categories and golden popcorn statuettes, is a much more laid-back affair with more envelope-pushing moments.

According to Hart, it’s this laid-back strategy that keeps the show interesting. “It’s a more loose environment; they have a good time. Things happen that become topics — moments that people talk about for years. When you look at some of the biggest moments in entertainment, a lot of the craziest, wildest ones have happened at the MTV Movie Awards.”

He isn’t wrong there. The ceremony is one of the few chances fans get to see movie stars let loose at an awards show — often with unexpected, buzzworthy results. This is the same ceremony where Sacha Baron Cohen (as Bruno) landed on Eminem, and a year earlier, James Franco and Seth Rogen brought marijuana onstage.

Although the show is clearly a pop culture powerhouse, in terms of relevancy, the pair declined to say which ceremony wins out. “I don’t know if it’s necessarily more relevant than the Oscars,” allowed Johnson.

“Just cooler,” added Hart. “That’s the word.”

The awards show will be filmed completely outdoors for the first time at the Warner Bros. backlot on Saturday, April 9. The ceremony will be telecast on MTV and its sister networks on Sunday, April 10, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.