MTV Movie & TV Awards: 6 Things the TV Cameras Missed

Oliva Munn actually beat Michael B. Jordan to the punch with her Roseanne Barr jab, saying one of life's true heroes is "the person who fired Roseanne."

The MTV Movie & TV Awards, which aired Monday night, was packed with gags (host Tiffany Haddish's immaculate conception) and memorable moments (Chadwick Boseman's acceptance speech for best hero), but the cameras could only capture so much. The Hollywood Reporter was there during the ceremony and the commercial breaks to catch some moments that didn't make it to air. 

1. Haddish's monologue didn't pull any punches — just ask the cast of Riverdale — but there was one joke that failed to make the cut from the taping Saturday. As Haddish began explaining how the winners of each category would get the famed Golden Popcorn, she jokingly warned the celebs in front of her that the popcorn wasn't actually gold. Haddish went on to recount how she may or may not have taken one of the trophies before the show. She also joked that she may or may not have gone to a pawnshop with that trophy to ask how much it was worth. She was not happy. 

2. Before Michael B. Jordan took a shot at Roseanne Barr during his best villain acceptance speech, Olivia Munn actually beat him to the punch. During her and Zazie Beetz's presentation for best hero, they began to name out some of the "true heroes" in the world. Many of them stayed for air. But, one didn't: "The person who fired Roseanne," quipped Munn.

3. Stranger Things and It star Finn Wolfhard stood up during one of the commercial breaks to meet Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza. Wolfhard was able to get a photo op with the former Parks & Recreation power couple, which Plaza posted on Instagram with the caption "our son is all grown up!" 


our son is all grown up! we’re proud of you @finnwolfhardofficial

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4. The Kardashians have made headlines recently after Kim met with President Trump to talk prison reform and saying she would not rule out running for office in the future. The controversy surrounding those headlines may explain why the presenters (in this case Halsey, Lil Yachty and Charlamagne Tha God) noticeably did not interact with the Kardashians when they accepted the award for best reality series. After accepting the award, the Kardashians table also quickly emptied. Even during the show, the Kardashian table kept to itself for most of the night.

5. Among all of the celebs who were in attendance it may be surprising to hear that Dr. Drew Pinsky and comedian Jeffrey Ross were the two that stood up and mingled the most. Ross even got his chance to take a quick photo with the Kardashians. Ross went to Twitter to post the photo and thank Kim for convincing Trump to pardon Alice Marie Johnson.

6. If you were wondering what were on those tables of your favorite celebs during the show, it was actually a centerpiece provided by Patina Catering. It featured snacks like popcorn and macarons. Patina is a veteran caterer that’s worked with awards shows like the Emmys and the Grammys.