MTV nabs rights to doc 'Paris, Not France'


MTV has bought television rights to "Paris, Not France," Adria Petty's doc about the behind-the-scenes life and persona of Paris Hilton.

MTV, which is currently airing the second season of "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," tentatively plans to air the documentary in the summer.

Petty, known primarily as a music video director, had enormous access to Hilton's private life and her public jetsetting one. She also interviews a large number of Hilton's family and friends.

The film essentially shows that the public caricature of Hilton as a ditzy party girl is mainly a character invented for entertainment purposes, and the actual Hilton is far more thoughtful and self-aware. Indeed, in a number of interviews in the piece she comes across as such.

Originally commissioned as an add-on to a music video DVD, the project grew into a 78-minute feature after Petty realized she had a lot more footage.

The film debuted last year at the Toronto International Film Festival, where William Morris Independent was selling it, but because of potential objections about distribution from the Hilton camp had not screened since. After watching the film with an audience, Hilton's concerns were allayed. (partialdiff)