MTV orders two extreme-stunt reality series

Johnny Knoxville executive producing 'Dudesons in America'

MTV has ordered a pair of post-"Jackass" extreme-stunt reality series, each with a format that's been previously tested.

In "Dudesons in America," four Finnish stuntmen and pranksters whose exploits are well known in Europe will attempt to do "even stupider stunts and pranks" than they performed back home. "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville is on the executive producing team.

"The Dudesons have balls where there should be brains, and I am honored to be doing a show with them," Knoxville said.

The second series is "MTV's Parkour Challenge," which aired as a one-hour special in October. Parkour is a foot race through a cluttered urban environment where racers scale obstacles.

"There is so much competition for the eyes and attention of young guys these days that we really have to over-deliver and create can't miss, event television for them," said Tony DiSanto, president of programming for MTV. "These two shows feature physical stunts that are jaw-dropping and unprecedented. 'Parkour Challenge' is a weekly live series event where incredible athletes propel themselves through the air and around obstacles using nothing but their bodies, intensity and sheer will. We are thrilled to bring this sport to American television. 'Dudesons in America' is just indescribable, trust me!"

"Dudesons" is executive produced by Jukka Hilden, Jarno Laasala, Jarppi Leppala and Hasnnu-Pekka "HP" Parviainen for Rabbit Films; Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine for Dickhouse Entertainment; and Ross Breitenbach. "Parkour" is executive produced and created by Francis Lyons and Bob Kusbit of One Louder Productions. Executive produced by Kemp Curley of Transition Productions