MTV Sets Ke$ha Docuseries Season 2 Premiere, Debuts Trailer (Video)

Kesha Performing at Hollywood Bowl - P 2013
Kyleen James

Kesha Performing at Hollywood Bowl - P 2013

The next iteration of "My Crazy Beautiful Life" will highlight the pop party girl's colorful family members.

Hide your kids, PTC: Ke$ha's back.

MTV's hit music docuseries Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life is set to return for a second season on Wednesday, Oct. 30, at 10:30 p.m. While the first season chronicled the pop party girl's rapid rise to stardom, following Ke$ha on tour and in the recording studio, season two will introduce viewers to Ke$ha's colorful family.

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My Crazy Beautiful Life already was a family affair, with the singer's older brother Lagan Sebert developing the project and leading a small crew in capturing his sister's antics. The series is executive produced by Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald, Liz GateleyTony DiSanto, Jack Rovner, Ken Levitan, Sebert and Jacquelyn French for MTV. Following the success of season one, MTV is pushing the program's time slot from 11 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Among the family members featured this season are Pebe, Ke$ha's outspoken and eccentric mother; Louie, her 14-year-old brother; Lagan; and Kalan, her cousin and best friend.

Savannah, who was featured in season one, also returns with a vengeance as the pop star surprises her with a "luxury" vacation in the Bahamas featuring shark diving and beach camping. Ke$ha's personal assistant Tessa is also included, providing comic relief amid conflict at home.

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Last season, Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life sparked controversy for showing the singer drinking her own urine, among other outrageous activities. The broadcast prompted complaints from the Parents Television Council, which dubbed the program "disgusting" and "vile" and called for a la carte cable.  

"Why should we have to pay for this kind of garbage just so we can get access to Discovery, Disney or the Golf channel? It's outrageous -- and it shouldn't be that way," the complaint read. "Consumers deserve choice. We should all have the ability to choose and pay for only the channels we want to watch … but the cable industry won't let that happen without a fight."

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about the controversy, Ke$ha said: "I'm also just one that doesn't shy away from things. I'm not good at saying no so I just figure, f--- it, I'll try anything once. So I tried it. I wouldn't recommend it. It was pretty gross. And I don't think it really did anything very beneficial to me so, yeah, I wouldn't probably do it again."

Watch a trailer for season two below.

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