MTV vents 'Rage!' online

Scavenger game tied to TV series

MTV is extending its series online through a new gaming platform.

In recent weeks, the network has quietly deployed "Daily Rage!" -- sparingly plugging its URL on air in selected primetime series from "Bam's Unholy Union" to "My Super Sweet 16."

Available at, "Rage" is something of an online scavenger hunt, allowing players to search for hidden icons that can yield cash and merchandise prizes on Internet pages decked out to resemble specific series. For instance, a skin inspired by "Sweet 16," a program about extravagant parties, features graphics of a stretch Hummer limousine and private jet that users can click on and explore their interiors to find gems that are worth points.

In addition, MTV will pitch "Rage" to marketers as a format for brand integration. The intent is to give both the network's own franchises -- as well as advertisers -- the opportunity to expand their level of engagement between viewer and brand across as many platforms as possible.

"Its not just about advertising on the show with a commercial or a banner ad online," said David Gale, executive vp new media and specialty film content. "It allows us another place to experience brands for the audience and to keep them engaged for a pretty long period of time in this space."

"Rage" is the first venture to emerge from the auspices of Gale, an MTV Films exec who expanded his role at the company last year to spearhead new content applications that transcended any one medium.

"We are developing a whole range of entertainment that crosses media, platforms and has all different shapes and forms, some with game aspects or more traditional storytelling with serialized content," Gale said.

MTVN recently has been a spawning ground for content that doesn't fit into traditional molds, including the release of several virtual worlds that extend series online including "Virtual Laguna Beach."

"Rage" is a joint venture with Riddle Prods., which developed the creative and technology behind the game. Riddle has produced interactive new media applications like the Emmy-nominated "Stranger Adventures."

"It allows viewers to interact and compete for prizes as opposed to watching someone else compete for the prize," Riddle Prods CEO Chris Tyler said.

"Rage" might be extended to other brands in the MTV Networks family.