MTV Video Music Awards: Lady Gaga Doesn't Break From Foul-Mouthed Drag King Act (Video)

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Lady Gaga as "Jo Calderone" at the 2011 VMAs.

Through the show and then in the pressroom, it was all Jo, all the time for the VMA winner.

Even as we’re writing this article, we’re still trying to understand Lady Gaga’s latest parlor trick at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her name for the night was “Jo Calderone” and from what we can gather, the alter ego is Gaga’s boyfriend who agreed to come to the show for her.

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Earlier in the night, Gaga’s choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, told The Hollywood Reporter, “I can’t tell you about the philosophy, you’ll just have to know that its never been done. It’s a fearless approach, it’s a different approach but equally as effective and really memorable and something that I think has never been done in this type of arena.”

Back in the pressroom, we weren’t sure what to expect and whom we would be speaking to. Were we supposed to prepare questions for Gaga or “Jo”? We got our answer right away.


The first journalist asked what Gaga believed she could accomplish as “Jo” rather than herself. The answer? “I don’t understand the question,” the night’s Best Female Video and Video With A Message winner says.

What followed was about two more minutes of cursing, comments about the hotness of Britney Spears (who refused “Jo’s” advances during the show), and a tirade about how he/she isn’t a guido.

Watch the full pressroom interview below.

Note: Strong language.

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