MTV Video Music Awards: Tyler the Creator Still Hates Bruno Mars' Music (Video)

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The rapper says he isn't sorry for what he said about his fellow VMA nominee.

During the MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show, nominee Tyler the Creator (of Odd Future) said some bold things about fellow VMA nominee Bruno Mars. Post-show and after winning the Best New Artist award for “Yonkers,” his feelings hadn’t changed.

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“No, I still hate that dude’s f—king music,” Tyler tells The Hollywood Reporter after we asked if he had any regrets about his earlier comments about the fellow VMA nominee.

“He put on a good performance,” he adds. “But I still hate his f—king music."

Well, that was nice of him to say… Tyler also talked about how he felt about his moonman win – something he has dreamed about since he was nine years old – and reveals that he hurt his foot at some point in the night.


Watch the video below.

Note: Strong language.

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