MTV VMAs: Lady Gaga's Performance: Twitter Reactions

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The singer performed as her alter ego Jo Calderone on Sunday's show.

Lady Gaga opened MTV's 2011 Video Music Awards show with a bang Sunday. The always controversial singer performed her current hit "You and I" as alter ego Jo Calderone.

And, almost immediately viewers took to Twitter to comment on the unusual performance.

Radio DJ Chris Booker (@radiobooker) was critical, saying: "Did this Lady Gaga play the lead in the original Karate Kid? Ralph Machio called and hopes she wraps this up soon. #VMAs"

But, other's seemed to be impressed by the singer's vocals. 

"Gaga Killed it sorry that Lady can sing," wrote  MrKew1. 

" Lady Gaga is crazy and she scared me for a second, but she KILLED the vocals on that song & she had Brian May playing guitar! Nice!" said Melinda Doolittle.

More than a few people related her costume to the Greaser's getup in 1983 movie The Outsiders

Jen Statsky joked, Lady Gaga is nailing her audition for The Outsiders! #VMAs" 

"Am I the only one who thought Lady Gaga looked like Ralph Macchio from the movie The Outsiders?" said Jimmy Korderas. 

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Scotty L. also used humor, saying "So Lady Gaga looks like an extra from Grease on Ice and Justin Bieber looks like a young Janet Reno. Works for me!"

"Not too sure how I feel about Lady Gaga's performance tonight...still love her though!" said Nicole Raible. 

User itsTaeyeon, called out Justin Bieber's stoney face, which appeared on camera during Lady Gaga's performance, tweeting, "I'm still laughing at the face of Justin, during lady gaga's performance. hahahahahha."

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"That guy singing Lady Gaga's song did really well." said Robby Stone. 

But, Andi Michelle seemed impressed, saying, "Following Lady Gaga's performance - these dudes got the short end of the stick. First performance will be best of the night at #vmas."

Nathanael Patriquin agreed, writing, "Gaga, I'm not sure whether you are a man or a lady but I don't care cause at least you sing very well . #singerswhoactuallysing."

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