MTV's 'Super Shore' Heads to Italy for Third Season (Exclusive)

From Jersey to Rimini: the 'Shore' is heading back to Italy

MTV’s popular Shore franchise will come full circle with a third season of Super Shore confirmed with a Latin American and Southern European cast to be shot on Italy’s coastal town of Rimini.

After the success of the Italian-American hit Jersey Shore, MTV launched its Shore concept into local markets around the world from Shoreditch to Acapulco to Gandia to Warsaw.

The original show has set the bar in many ways for what audiences have come to expect in reality TV today. "Jersey Shore set the standard and still does  you can see the influence in all the other Shores: big characters, the desire to party all day and night and the fact that even when there is conflict they pull together,” Pete Flamman, senior vp, MTV Southern & Western Europe, Middle East & Africa tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“Lots of other shows have for sure been influenced by the Shores — reality shows can now do things that just didn’t use to happen on TV before. Other shows sometimes rely on gimmicks, formats and twists but the Shores don’t need them. The Shores are pure.”

Super Shore was the first spinoff to feature castmembers from different cultures and languages being placed in a summer home together in a new type of experiment.

According to Flamman, bringing together casts from unique backgrounds and languages has proven to be a huge benefit to the show rather than a challenge as castmembers find common ground among their differences. “Last year two of the Geordie Shore cast dropped in to visit and party. Neither of them spoke a single word of Spanish but that didn’t matter at all,” he says. “They all know how to party. The fact they have different backgrounds adds to the chemistry and leads to more unexpected and extreme moments.”

On bringing Shore back to Italy, after the original cast of Jersey Shore shot episodes in Florence, Flamman says, “It is nice to have an echo of the time Jersey Shore also visited Italy. Those were fantastic episodes and we are excited to be bring a Shore back to Italy.”

“We hope people will compare and contrast the shows  but you’ve got to remember that our current audience is young so many of them don’t remember Jersey Shore as their first experience of a Shore was more recent. Each generation gets its own Shore and then gets to discover the other versions.”

“It is an exaggerated and sometimes extreme version of being young. That explains its universal appeal.”

Super Shore is an international co-production between MTV’s Latin American and Southern & Western Europe, Africa and Middle East business units. Spanish production company La Competencia will produce MTV Super Shore Season 3.

Production begins this week in Rimini, birthplace of Federico Fellini, with its idyllic coastline, which has made it a popular summer destination for young people around Europe. Castmembers will live in a villa outside the city for the filming of the season.

"Rimini is in a moment of great change," said Mayor Andrea Gnassi, explaining why the coastal town has become such a big draw for young people around the world. "We're rapidly changing the city with new attractions including a sea park, one of the biggest open air gyms in Europe and a new Fellini museum."

"We hope that the Super Shore cast will enjoy all that the city has to offer," he added, nothing the draw of the Emilia Romagna coast for summer cultural activities including massive outdoor concerts by the sea. 

The full cast will be announced this week, but one breakout star, Elettra Lamborghini is already confirmed as the reason behind the Rimini destination. "The decision to bring the show to Italy was Elettra Lamborghini, Italian heiress and one of the most beloved cast members of MTV Super Shore," says Tiago Worcman, SVP and Brand Manager for MTV Latin America and Brazil. "We are sure she will be a great hostess for the cast and show the audience the vibrant and beautiful country she comes from."

The show will air this fall across 26 countries in Latin America, including Mexico and Brazil, and six European markets including Italy, France and Spain.

MTV Super Shore has previously generated high ratings for the network. In Mexico, the first season premiered at No. 1 on all pay channels in the country. The show had more than 18 million viewers total on TV Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile.

It was also a hot digital property for the network, with an additional 48.9 million viewers on digital platforms, with 90 percent of views coming through the new MTV Play app. The show itself was also a big driver for Play downloads. In Latin America, social media saw 44.9 million posts tagged #MTVSupershore.

And in Spain, Season 2 was the most-viewed program on MTV Spain since the channel’s return to pay TV.

Flamman already sees the show spreading beyond target markets. “Super Shore has wide appeal and thanks to social media and new distribution it is reaching new countries. MTV Netherlands gave their audiences a taste of Super Shore 1 and 2 earlier this year and they loved it,” he says.

“All the Shores have fans outside their core markets. Maybe one day we should have Super-Super-Shore and bring together more versions. That would be the ultimate party!”  

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