Mulberry Street Pizzeria's Richie Palmer Takes THR's Taste Test

Mulberry Richie Portrait - P 2012
Dennis Trantham

Mulberry Richie Portrait - P 2012

The celeb-connected owner of the Beverly Hills establishment -- celebrating its twentieth anniversary on Wednesday -- talks chocolate-covered ants, moon pies, his mother’s roast beef and more.

Richie Palmer -- ex-husband of Raquel Welch and longtime friend of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mickey Rourke -- is best known for his own role as the impresario behind the mini-chain Mulberry Street Pizzeria. The Beverly Hills-based business (which turns 20 Wednesday, Oct. 3) has delivered to everyone from Frank Sinatra to Frankie Valli. These days, Drew Barrymore, David Beckham and Zac Efron come by for pies. To celebrate the big anniversary, Palmer’s offering slices for 20 cents all day, and revealing what he’d have as his last meal (hint: it’s not pizza).


Current Fixation
“The scallop appetizer at Mastro’s is to die for. I dream about it sometimes.”

Known For Cooking
“I’m famous for my cheese pizza slice, but everyone who has my meatballs always comes back for more.”

Destination Dinner
Il Mulino in New York City and Alan Wong’s in Honolulu.”

Go-To Take-Out

Adventurous Bite
“I was in London with Raquel Welch and someone gave me a piece of chocolate. After I ate it they told me it was a chocolate-covered ant. I don’t like to think about it.”

Simply Won’t Eat
“Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s.”

Favorite Snack
“Moon pies.”

Dietary Regimen
“I eat a little of anything I want. I workout daily: an hour of lifting weights and an hour at Fortune Gym or Wild Card Boxing Club. After an hour of boxing with Frankie Duarte you can eat anything you like.”

Preferred Company
“Angie Dickinson at 20.”

Pet Peeve
“Food that has to be explained.”

Guilty Pleasure
“Dark chocolate chunk from Edelweiss Chocolates in Beverly Hills.”

Last Meal
“My mom’s roast beef and mashed potatoes.”