Multiplatform release is a French 'Home' run

Eco-doc released on TV, cinema, DVD and YouTube

PARIS -- Yann Arthus-Bertrand's eco-friendly documentary "Home" was a multiplatform hit in Gaul over the weekend, with the Europacorp-produced ode to planet Earth seeing strong boxoffice results, TV audience shares and DVD sales in the territory.

The highly publicized "Home," which aired in primetime at 8:35 p.m. Friday on public TV network France 2, attracted 8.3 million viewers, nabbing a 33% market share for the time slot. By 9:48 p.m., 9.5 million people were watching the film, for a 37.8% market share.

French Cultural Minister Christine Albanel highlighted the "historic success" of the unprecedented film and told Gallic press: "By programming this, France Televisions is responding fully to the demand on the part of viewers to watch quality public TV capable of alerting, transmitting, moving and entertaining."

More than 40,000 people came out to see "Home" in French movie theaters on Friday, and the film was the third-biggest DVD release in French history, according to Europacorp, which is still waiting for the full DVD figures to be released.

The film's producer Europacorp employed an unprecedented multichannel media distribution strategy, also airing the film exclusively online on YouTube in English, French, Spanish and German.

The visually aesthetic, €12 million ($16.6 million) "Home" was shot entirely in high definition from the sky and looks at how people can save the planet.

The film is narrated in English by Glenn Close and in Spanish by Salma Hayek. The French-language version of "Home" on YouTube has been seen by 1.35 million people since Friday.

"Home" was simultaneously released on a giant screen in Paris' Champ-de-Mars park and released simultaneously in 126 territories worldwide.