Multiple vid delivery, one format

Thomson showing prototype 'DVP' at NAB confab

Las Vegas — Thomson Corporate Research is demonstrating at NAB a proof of concept of a single video-packaging format that could be used to create a wide range of video format deliverables for television, Internet and mobile devices.

The need to create multiple video deliverables for various platforms has been identified as an increasing industry challenge, and stakeholders have started to discuss the need for remedies.

Addressing this topic, Thomson is showing a prototype of what it calls a Digital Video Package this week at the broadcasters convention. The DVP is an extremely high-quality compressed master that includes a playlist for generating a wide range of consumer video deliverables in various formats and for various types of display platforms.

"It is a direction we're talking about with all large stakeholders in the industry. This includes studios, large broadcasters and the large postproduction houses," said Jean-Charles Hourcade, Thomson's senior executive vp and chief technology officer.

"We're pretty happy with the core technology, but this is just a piece of the solution," he added.

It appears that the DVP addresses the creation of home entertainment deliverables with traits similar to the method in which the Digital Cinema Initiatives-developed Digital Cinema Package enables digital cinema content delivery. That is, the goals would be to have one version of a master, rather than multiples; to streamline the workflow and delivery process; to control and maintain quality; and to fit into existing workflows.

"This is much more complex and far-reaching," Hourcade said. "There are many more players than digital cinema; it includes cable, satellite, mobile phone, as well as digital cinema (industries)."

Added Gary Donnan, Thomson vp corporate research: "It does need a lot of consensus. … This is an environment that is inherently unstable and evolving."

Said Hourcade, "If our colleagues and clients agree, perhaps we can band together and take the next step."