Mumbai label gets YouTube restraining order


NEW DELHI -- One of India's biggest record and video labels, Mumbai-based Super Cassettes Industries Ltd., said Thursday that it has obtained an interim restraining order from the Delhi High Court against YouTube and Google.

The ruling, the first by any Indian entertainment company against Google, is the result a legal notice served in February to Google for alleged copyright infringement by its subsidiary YouTube (HR 3/28).

According to SCIL, which owns the record and home video label T-Series, YouTube was carrying music videos and even complete films from SCIL's catalog, including recent hits such as "Don" and "Jaan-E-Man" (Beloved).

The court order restrains "YouTube and its parent company Google from reproducing, adapting, distributing, communicating, transmitting, disseminating or displaying on their Web sites or otherwise infringing in any manner any audiovisual works in which SCIL owns exclusive, valid and subsisting copyright," SCIL said in a statement.

"The business model of YouTube allows, encourages and profits from use of copyrighted work uploaded on the Web site without obtaining any license or permission from the rightful copyright owners and without paying them any royalty," SCIL said.

Google India did not offer any immediate statement regarding the ruling.

T-Series has some of Bollywood's biggest blockbusters in its music and home video catalog, including one of the year's most anticipated releases coming out Friday, "Om Shanti Om," starring superstar Shah Rukh Khan.