Mumford & Sons to Perform at White House State Dinner for British Prime Minister

Mumford & Sons

Nominated for material from their debut album for a second year in a row, Brit folk rockers Mumford & Sons arrive in a variety of wools.

The Grammy-nominated folk rockers were invited to along by the UK's leader, who is being honored Wednesday.

David Cameron is bringing his own soundtrack to Wednesday's State Dinner at The White House.

According to the Telegraph, the British Prime Minister has chosen the the Grammy-nominated band Mumford & Sons to be his musical guest at the formal feast, with the group joining a lineup that already boasts President Obama's concert choice, John Legend.

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A a well-educated lot from London, Mumford & Sons are an accomodating and hip choice for the evening, as they play the sort of folk-tinged rock that you might think came from Kentucky if you didn't know any better. It's also a coup for the Prime Minister; Cameron is an avid music fan, but unlike former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who teamed with a generation of Britpop stars to appeal to a younger generation, he has been rebuffed by many of his favorite artists.

Recently, Johnny Marr of The Smiths, one of Cameron's favorite groups, said that he would get his long-splintered group back together if Cameron stepped down from office.

Also attending the State Dinner will be the English actor Damian Lewis, who is the star of Homeland, one of Obama's favorite television shows.