'The Muppets' at D23: Jason Segel Talks About Their Comedic Influence (Video)

"Kermit made me want to be an actor," the writer and star of Disney’s upcoming film said at Disney's expo.

Jason Segel is not messing around when it comes to The Muppets.

Segel, who co-wrote the script with his writing partner Nicholas Stoller, told the Hollywood Reporter about his love for puppets during an interview on the red carpet at the D23 Expo in Anaheim.

“I’m a puppet nerd. My house if full of puppets – which is why I’m still single,” Segel joked. 

Segel joined Miss Piggy and Kermit onstage at D23 to present clips of the new film, which will hit theaters November 23. Disney’s The Muppets is the first Muppet film in more than a decade.

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“Kermit made me want to be an actor when I was a kid,” said Segel. “When you’re a kid he’s Tom Hanks, or Jimmy Stewart.” When we asked which muppets are his favorite, Segel also said that Fozzie reminds him of himself.

Segel stars in the film with Amy Adams. An astounding number of celebrity guest cameos include Neil Patrick Harris, Mila Kunis, Billy Crystal, Jack Black and Emily Blunt.

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“I think for a lot of comedians especially the Muppets are a huge comic influence,” said Segel. “They were on the first season of Saturday Night Live, and they’ve always been a subversive comic element and I think people are excited to pay homage to a memory from their past.”