Murder in the Shadow of the Oscars: 1 Year, 7 Killings Near Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre

Eric McCandless ABC/ via Getty Images
Dolby Theatre

From December to July 2015, a deadly crime wave invaded a one-mile radius around the Dolby Theatre, home of the Oscars since 2002.

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1. Henry Xavier Estrada

On Dec. 27, Estrada, 27, and his girlfriend were at a house party when they were lured outside by her ex- boyfriend, who shot and killed Estrada and attempted to kidnap her. Two days later, a SWAT team shot the perpetrator at his parents' house in Rosemead, Calif.

2. Joel Fraticelli

On April 22, Fraticelli, 27, was fatally stabbed by a man who then escaped in the victim's Ford F-150 pickup truck. The suspect was later arrested.

3. Jose Manuel Silva-Nieves

On Aug. 23, the 20-year-old DJ got into a brawl inside the Cashmere Club. He was declared brain dead at a nearby hospital that day.

4. Kapre Maurice Brown

On his way to a friend's birthday party on Feb. 8, Brown, 31, was approached by a 23-year-old gang member who shot him in the head then fled on foot. The assailant was apprehended.

5. Richard Joseph Miller

On Jan. 5, Miller, 52, a homeless man, was shot by Troy McVey, 22. McVey and his friend Colby Kronholm, 21, were living in a car after moving to L.A. from Maine. Both were charged with murder and are claiming self-defense.

6. Carrie Jean Melvin

On July 5, the former production assistant, 30, was with her boyfriend when a man jumped out of a black sedan and shot her in the head. Ezeoma Obioha, 31, a business associate who had written Melvin a bad check, was later arrested.

7. Michael Shaun Vosburgh

On July 15, the homeless man, 48, was stabbed to death in broad daylight. His killer was never found.

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