Murdoch mag kills piece on critical book


NEW YORK -- The Far Eastern Economic Review has killed a review of a book critical of the 1990s China business dealings of Rupert Murdoch, who acquired the Hong Kong-based monthly with his purchase of Dow Jones in December, the New York Times reported Monday.

In a move that highlights a possible crimping of the magazine's editorial independence under Murdoch, editor Hugo Restall told commissioned reviewer Eric Ellis he was "getting cold feet" over the 1,000-word piece.

In an e-mail exchange published on the Australian Web site, Restall said "Rupert's Adventures in China: How Murdoch Lost a Fortune and Found a Wife," by Bruce Dover, "looks more like the work of disgruntled ex-employee, rather than an analysis of the business."

In the book, Dover, who worked for News Corp. in China in the '90s, details Murdoch's often unsuccessful maneuvering around the Chinese government and his courtship and marriage of Wendi Deng, a News Corp. China executive.