Murdoch opines on election; peers mum


Rupert Murdoch expects the result of Tuesday's elections to mean a tougher stance on media mergers in Washington.

Answering reporters' questions on a conference call after News Corp.'s earnings report Wednesday, the company chairman and CEO said, "I would imagine that almost under any Democratic Justice Department mergers will get a much less friendly reception."

News Corp. brass said the company has no outstanding issues that it would expect or want the new government to address. They didn't provide any more detail.

Meanwhile, other heads of media and entertainment conglomerates didn't discuss the election at all Wednesday, with spokespeople for various companies declining comment.

Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes on his company's earnings call Wednesday wasn't even asked by analysts about the election outcome, and a spokesman later had no comment.

But MPAA chairman and CEO Dan Glickman in a statement congratulated President-elect Barack Obama on behalf of the 1.3 million Americans employed in the film and TV industries.

Glickman lauded Obama and opponent John McCain for sharing "a commitment to the intellectual property underpinnings of our modern information economy," adding that he hopes to work with both in the future.

"It is time now to come together and build for the future," Glickman said.