Murdoch speaks out on News Corp. post

Media tycoon also discusses future of newspapers

NEW YORK -- News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch continues to leave the question of his likely successor open.

Speaking on his company's Fox Business Network to anchor Neil Cavuto, Murdoch said Chase Carey is "coming in to be my partner and right hand," according to a transcript of the appearance. Asked if the recently tapped deputy chairman, president and COO was now the heir apparent to the top News Corp. post, he said: "No, we're not making any commitments on that at all." (See video embedded below.)

Observers have debated where the addition leaves Murdoch son James, who oversees the conglomerate's operations and Europe. While he may report to Carey for now, he could eventually be elevated to the top after gaining more operating experience, some have suggested.

Murdoch also seemed to send a message to News Corp.'s studio operations that while Carey will have his base in New York, he will be a regular visitor. "He'll be based on the East Coast, but he'll be coming to Los Angeles a lot," Murdoch said.

The media tycoon also discussed the future of newspapers. "Within 10 years, I believe nearly all newspapers will be delivered to you digitally, either on your PC or a new -- on a development of the Kindle, shall we say," he told Fox Business Network's Cavuto. News Corp. has looked at potentially teaming with a hardware maker to create a new digital media device that would provide content from across its media empire.

Murdoch also suggested papers with strong brand names will survive despite chatter about the future of papers. "If you've got a newspaper with a great name and a great reputation, and you trust it, the people in that community are going to need access to your source of news," he said.

But he also suggested that "papers" may be the wrong word to use in the digital age. "What we call newspapers today, I call news organizations, journalistic enterprises, if you will. They're the source of news."

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