The big two-oh

The Smashing Pumpkins will play a host of shows in celebration of its 20th anniversary. The Chicago band said on its Web site that it will visit "mostly smaller-sized venues" during an August run featuring "unique sets and songs."

royalties for rookies has officially launched its artist royalty program. The program pays unsigned and independent artists for each time their music is played on the free streaming music service. The site did not disclose how much artists will earn from each stream.

bookings for rookies has launched a new tool to help up-and-coming acts book concerts while allowing music venue talent buyers to browse for new talent on the road. The site's new Marketplace tool allows bands to sign up for a free electronic press kit, which can be viewed by talent buyers across the country.

mixed media

A survey by Parks Associates found that fans listen to their digital music through their TV sets as much as they do via MP3 players like the iPod — a full third of respondents each.

'future passed' present

Universal Music Enterprises on Tuesday will rerelease the Moody Blues' first seven albums, featuring bonus tracks, alternate versions, radio sessions and outtakes.