Music downloading same on next-gen iPhone

Apple unveiled faster, cheaper device Monday

Apple CEO Steve Jobs didn't disappoint the thousands attending Apple's annual developers' conference by unveiling, as predicted, the second version of the iPhone.

Most significantly, and expectedly, the new version of the advanced mobile phone features connection to faster "third-generation" wireless networks, which partner AT&T Mobility has been busily building out over the past year.

The previous iteration of the device connected to AT&T's slower Edge network, as well as wireless WiFi hotspots. The upgrade allows for faster Web surfing from any location in AT&T's 3G coverage area.

The new device also includes built-in GPS location technology, which can enable a host of new location-aware applications, such as the Loopt friend finder service as well as map and directions. It's also a bit thinner, and cheaper--the device will be available July 22 at $300 for the 16 GB model and $200 for the 8 GB. It's a significant price cut from the original $600 phone unveiled last year.

However, at least at this point, the device has no different method of buying and downloading music. Just like the original iPhone, the only way users can access and download music from the iTunes music store is via the WiFi connection. Downloading content over a wireless operators network -- which the faster 3G iPhone would certainly allow -- generally means sharing the price with the operator, something Apple has been less than enthusiastic about doing.

In addition to the new phone, Jobs also introduced the next version of iPhone software available to all new devices as well as existing ones via a wireless update. Version 2.0 of the iPhone software adds better enterprise e-mail support and other new features.