With 'Music,' Lawrence in step with NYC


"Music and Lyrics," a romantic comedy that Warner Bros. Pictures releases today, was filmed almost entirely in New York. That's partially because screenwriter-director Marc Lawrence insisted on shooting in the Big Apple.

Lawrence, who also shot his "Two Weeks Notice" there, said: "I'm from New York, it's my favorite place, my family is there, and I know it well so I think I'm a better filmmaker because of it.

"For me, it's mostly about specificity," he added. "It's walking down the streets, meeting in restaurants, the feeling of living in New York. There aren't a lot of 'touristy' shots, not a lot of landmarks."

New York has rebounded from losing business to runaway production by using tax incentives that last year saw it play host to its highest number of shoots ever.

"I really hope that tax picture doesn't change, because I would hate to see the city lose business to Toronto or Vancouver again," Lawrence said. "It really makes shooting in New York a very doable proposition financially."

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