Music Monday: DJ Caroline D'Amore Spills Festival Style Hacks

DJ Caroline D'Amore attends Republic Records 2015 VMA after party - Getty-H 2017
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Republic Records

Plus, her workout playlist that will get you amped (and fit) for Coachella.

Coachella is coming to Indio, Calif., in a couple of weeks, officially marking the beginning of “festival” season and the fringe trims, micro shorts, SPF and swingy summer dresses that signify the sartorial side of the event.

And then there’s the music. DJ Caroline D’Amore straddles the intersection of music, fashion, beauty and fitness, bringing her upbeat playlist to popular workout class Physique 57 to pump up those getting in skin-baring shape for the event and the summer season ahead.

D’Amore has curated playlists inspired by this year’s festival headliners to prep everyone both mentally and physically.

Starting April 8, Physique 57 will be hosting music festival-themed classes throughout the month in select Los Angeles and New York classes.

D’Amore, who has been attending Coachella for a decade, gave us the download on a few songs she’s sampled on the playlists as well as the beauty products and style philosophy she abides by when heading to and dancing in the desert.

Pret-a-Reporter: Who are you excited to see play this year?

D'Amore: I'm actually excited to see Ice Cube because it's been a minute, and Zhu should be interesting being as how he won't show his face ... more of a curiosity, really. KSHMR has been producing really cool music, so I'd like to catch his set. When I'm a fan of a producer's track, I'm often disappointed with the live DJ set. Just because you produced a cool track doesn't always mean you’re a great DJ. I often find myself in the dance tents most of the evenings checking out my competition. Others I'll try to catch are John Digweed, Tchami and Baawer.

How would you describe your Coachella style?

My general Coachella style is to make sure I feel free. Festivals bring out the butterfly in me and as I run from tent to tent, I want to feel as light as possible: shorts, boots, red flannel around the waist, a backpack with leggings and sneakers for when the night comes so I can be warm and cozy. It's not hot when you’re standing there clearly freezing. The sexiest look is happy and comfortable at Coachella. Girls in club outfits and heels make me laugh.

What’s your Coachella beauty look?

I do my best to keep my skin in great shape, so I don't feel the need to wear tons of makeup. Cover-up in the sun is super unattractive. It gets all crackly and you actually end up looking older than you would without it. I use my go-to MAC strobe cream to give me that pretty glow and makes me look rested when I've been up all night dancing. Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Mascara ($32), Benefit Ultra Plush lip-gloss ($16) and Dermalogica Multivitamin SPF 20 and I’m good to go.

Do you just go with windblown, messy hair? 

Messy festival hair is the only way to go. I add some Bumble and Bumble surf spray ($27) and always have a hair tie ready to go if I'm all hot and sweaty. The high ponytail works like a charm and is young and fun-looking.

Below, D'Amore gave Pret-a-Reporter a sample of the songs she put on the Physique 57 Coachella class playlists: