Music Producer Pete Rock Claims Police Hit Wife, Stepdaughter at Industry Event

“The cop was going bananas” at the album release party for hip-hop group Smif-N-Wessun, he says, while the NYPD claims police were defending themselves.

Music producer Pete Rock says police struck his wife and stepdaughter after they broke up the album-release party for hip-hop group Smif-N-Wessun’s Monumental, MTV News reported.

At the event, held at Manhattan’s Tammany Hall, concertgoers were reportedly attacked by police.

"We were coming out and someone was screaming, 'Yo, Pete, your wife, your wife.' So I ran out to make sure they were OK and to make sure the cop would stop hitting them," Rock told MTV News. "My stepdaughter said the cop was hitting her leg and she jumped in the way for her mother, which is my wife, to take the hits. And then my cameraman tried to jump in front of her, to take her hits. The cop was going bananas."

According to a press release issued by the group, the initial incident started with a “minor argument” that “eventually was defused by the bouncers.” A half-hour later, 15-20 cops arrived at the site of the party.

"The officers then hurried into the club and began macing and assaulting individuals inside the club, dragging one of them out and pummeling him directly in front of the club," the press release said.

Kenneth Montgomery, an attorney for the group who was present at the event, said the police "behavior was unjustified, unprovoked, and simply barbaric considering there was no provocation."

NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly told MTV News in a statement that police were justified in their actions.

"Police officers had every right to defend themselves against individuals assaulting them and used appropriate force in doing so,” he said. “They also protected civilians who were being pelted with bottles at the outset, as they responded to the location at the request of the club's own security."

Throughout his career, Rock has worked with Run-DMC, Nas and Wu-Tang Clan. He was featured on Kanye West's most recent album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.