New Music Seminar Returns to L.A. as Two-Day Conference

The New Music Seminar returns to L.A. in 2011 as a three-day, two-night conference that begins Feb. 14, the day after the Grammy Awards are handed out.

The event, which features discussions, presentations from industry leaders, mentoring sessions, musical performances, networking opportunities and workshops on rock, hip-hop, producing and songwriting, will kick off with an After Grammy Jammy event at the The Music Box in Hollywood on opening night. The venue, along with The Roxy on Feb. 15, will also host an "Artist on the Verge" contest, which will award $50,000 in promotion and marketing to one promising act.

NMS co-founder and Tommy Boy Records CEO Tom Silverman calls the conference “the epicenter of a new movement" and "a meeting of the architects of the next music business; the creators, the investors, the technological visionaries, those for whom music is a passion that they cannot do without."

Early registration is encouraged. More info at