#MusicMonday: Monica Rose's Shoot Prep Playlist

Lovers + Friends

Before the Kardashian stylist's first capsule collection with Lovers + Friends drops on Tuesday, she dropped us a hip hop-heavy playlist of songs that get her pumped for a photo shoot.

Say what you will about the Kardashians. But whether you loathe or love, there's no denying that America's most talked about small screen family has a distinctive more-is-more, urban sophisticate style all their own. And responsible for the gaggle of oversized structured Celine bags, sharp leather leggings and parade of Aquazarra stiletto lace ups sported by Kris and her clan is stylist Monica Rose, who has been working with the family since getting Kim ready for a Complex cover in 2007. The L.A.-based image maker — who also works with Giuliana Rancic — has become somewhat of a sensation herself, with 250,000 Instagram followers and, as of Tuesday, a 24-piece capsule collection with fellow Angeleno contemporary brand Lovers + Friends.  


EXECUTIVE SPECIAL: Pencil skirts, suiting and silk blouses comprise Monica Rose's first collection for Lovers + Friends, lending a work ready vibe that can be layered with accessories. On Tuesday, the line will be available at Cusp, Shopbop and Revolve


"I never planned to get into designing," says Rose, whose three year-old daughter Alaia has too become a social media trend for street style snaps featuring a pint-sized designer wardrobe most adults would die for. With her Lovers + Friends project, she took a cue from her clients and created an offering of slightly up-designed basics (think cropped leather trousers, silk button down blouses and simple, tailored suit jackets each in the mid-$200 range) that act as a polished canvas for the heavy accessorizing for which she's known. 

We figured that anyone that into over-the-knee boots must have a decent taste in tunes. And we were right. So in honor of #MusicMonday, Rose shared what she listens to when prepping for a shoot, and also passed along a playlist of our very own. 



So what's your standard pre-shoot soundtrack?

It depends what I'm working on or what mood I'm in. I can say that I am a hip hop head. I love listening to Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake. But my favorite stations are set to De la Soul, Wu Tang, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def and Talib Kweli and even classical music. Anything with a good beat helps me create. Classical music helps relax my mind.

Do your clients have a say in your soundtrack?

I typically don't listen to music when I'm doing a fitting with clients. It can be distracting when you're one-on-one with a client trying to create looks. So I typically listen to music in my office when I am prepping for a fitting or shoots. But I need music — I do not like a quiet room, it makes me think to much. I like to get in my zone.

What was the last awesome concert you went to? 

Depeche Mode.

And the next?

Not sure for what my next show will be as I haven't thought that far in advance. Maybe The Sound of Music sing along concert at the Hollywood Bowl with my daughter. She is obsessed with The Sound of Music!



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