'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2' Trailer: The Cast is Back for a Second Round of Nuptials

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

"Why do you want to leave me?"

The cast from My Big Fat Greek Wedding is back for a second round of nuptials. 

The trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 sees Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett) in a happy marriage with a very unhappy teenage daughter, who wants nothing more than to get away from her parents and her extended family.

"Why do you want to leave me?" Toula yells at her daughter, a callback to the original 2002 family comedy.

Later in the spot, the family finds out, due to a mix up with the marriage certificate, Toula's parents are not actually married. The gaudy wedding planning ensues, complete with pink stretch limos, lime green floral arrangements and a multi-colored, four-tiered wedding cake.

Much of the cast from original film can be seen in the trailer, including N*SYNC alum Joey Fatone.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 hits theaters on March 25.

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