'On My Block' Star Sierra Capri Talks Season Two: "A Lot of Questions Will Be Answered"

The actress opens up on her journey from college student to lead actress of a Netflix series, and teases what's to come on the show after a massive cliffhanger at the end of season one.

Actress Sierra Capri was always interested in acting, but she promised her parents she would get a college degree first — and so her journey to Netflix screens was a circuitous one. “I was still doing it on the side and being an extra and submitting myself for projects" during college, Capri told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio during a recent interview. One of those films she was an extra on? Hidden Figures. "That’s where I met a woman who did self-tape coaching, so I reached out to her, and when I found On My Block, she’s the one that helped me with it.”

Two weeks after submitting an audition tape, a producer on the show reached out to Capri and said the show wanted to fly her out to Los Angeles for a chemistry read with the other actors who were also auditioning. While that may sound promising, Capri wasn't confident that she would land the role. “There were two people going out for each role, so there was another girl that was also there to audition for the role of Monse. As soon as I saw her and how different we were, I was like, ‘Oh, I didn’t get this. I have a test on Monday, this was a great experience.’”

However, Capri did land the lead role of Monse: a smart, no-nonsense aspiring writer who experiences the highs and lows of high school while living in the tough inner city. Capri can relate to her character because “the fact that she’s the backbone of the group, or as I call her, the ‘mom’ a little bit, because she just wants all of her friends to be OK and she wants them to be safe and she wants to keep the ‘core four’ together. Sometimes she’ll put them before herself and go to the furthest lengths to try to help them. So yeah, I can relate to her in that aspect,” the actress said.

While the show consistently weaves comedy into what could be described as a rather bleak backdrop, one of the more serious storylines involves Monse’s search for her mother who abandoned her as a baby. “One of the most challenging scenes was probably episode six, where basically the entire episode is with me and the woman who could possibly be my mother,” Capri said. “I liked seeing how far I could push myself.”

Teasing what differences the audience can see going from season one to season two, the actress said, “I like to call it a ‘glow up.’ In season one everyone was still establishing their characters. In season two you really get to see who they are as individuals and learn why they are the way they are, and more so who they are as opposed to what you might think you know.”

During the last few moments in the final episode of season one, a shooting happens at a quinceañera, leaving the fate of two characters in limbo. Regarding the future of those characters, as well as Monse’s ongoing search for her mother in season two, all Capri will say is, “A lot of questions will be answered.”

Season one of On My Block is currently on Netflix, and season two will drop on March 29.