My Channel Falls Foul of U.K. Regulator's Bad Language Rules

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Moses Robinson/Getty Images

"I’m not trashy, unless I drink too much.”

Ofcom investigated the case after viewer complaints.

LONDON – My Channel, available to subscribers of U.K. satellite TV giant BSkyB, found itself grappling with media watchdog Ofcom after broadcasting coverage of the show Insane Championship Wrestling.

The regulator found the channel, owned and operated by Enteraction TV Learning, in breach of its regulations on offensive language after a show airing in the early morning that included such words as "mindf---," "mindf---ery" and simply "f---."

A viewer alerted Ofcom to the profanity in the broadcast, considering it inappropriate language for just before six o'clock in the morning. Ofcom said it watched a recording of the show "and noted examples of offensive language" and the times.

Ofcom found that 5 minutes and 42 seconds into the broadcast, the commentator said: “If you have never seen his opponent, you are in for a first class mindf---.” He added: “I honestly think that the mindf---ery... I'm at a loss for how else to describe it....” And to cap it all, the crowd then started chanting "You sick f---."

Ofcom's broadcast code requires that "material unsuitable for children should not, in general, be shown before 21:00 or after 5:30."

The channel operators apologized to Ofcom and said that it takes its compliance responsibilities very seriously. It also acknowledged the program contained language unsuitable for the time, right after 5:30am. The program was originally due to be broadcast at 3am, but instead was scheduled for 5:00am "due to human error," it said.

The channel confirmed that the person responsible for the error had been disciplined, and My Channel also broadcast an apology on-air after the incident at the end of May this year. The on-air apology and the explanation from the channel's management will mean the channel goes on to fight another day.