My Memory of Paul McCartney

Mihcael Putland/Getty Images

Twenty years after first being chosen for the honor, the Beatle finally gets his Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Quincy Jones

"My 49-year friendship with Paul goes back to before The Beatles came to America. There aren't many artists around today who have the credibility, grace and depth of character that Paul has. As much as I loved working with him in the recording studio, I love hanging with him even more."

Clive Davis
Chief creative officer, Sony Music

"Paul is a legend among legends because his music has stood the test of time. The songs that he's written are already standards, known the world over and will be sung for centuries to come. The songs that he's played on and didn't write have achieved the same exalted status. He's a songwriter's songwriter and a musician's musician. He's totally one of a kind."

Martin Bandier
Chairman/CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing

"I had lunch with Paul one day and told him I was going to his Madison Square Garden concert the next night. He asked me where my seats were and I said, 'On the floor, third row.' He said it might not be the best place because everyone would be on their feet the whole concert. I told him that his audience was too old to be on their feet for an entire show. Well, he was right. Everyone was on their feet the entire time … including me."

Ann Wilson

"Paul McCartney is the main reason I got into rock 'n' roll. He personifies the soul and magnetism of rock, sings and plays the paint off the walls and writes unforgettable music. I consider him a master."

Dave Grohl
Foo Fighters

"Underneath the legend is a guy who just loves to play. Whether in a tiny rehearsal room or a sold-out stadium, the minute he walks in, the music begins. I had the incredible opportunity to play with him on the Grammys, and every rehearsal turned into an epic jam session. Even during camera blocking, we started jamming, and people in the room started dancing. He was scatting lyrics off the top of his head and it was f--ing great! To me, that really showed his deep connection and devotion to music. The guy just lives it."

Smokey Robinson

"Paul McCartney is one of the most significant artists of our time. He has made an incredible contribution to modern music. I'm proud to know him and to call him my friend."



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