Dave Bautista Buddies Up With a Kid to Stop Bad Guys in 'My Spy' Trailer

Kristen Schaal, Ken Jeong, Parisa Fitz-Henley and Chloe Coleman star alongside the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actor.

STXfilms on Thursday released the first trailer for its upcoming action-comedy My Spy, directed by Get Smart's Peter Sega with a script from Red co-writers Jon and Erich Hoeber.

Equal parts buddy-cop humor and spy-action, the new family-oriented film stars Dave Bautista as JJ, a socially inept and bull-headed CIA agent who is on thin ice with the agency after botching his latest assignment.

Given one last shot by his boss, Ken Jeong's Kim, to prove he's cut out for the job, JJ is begrudgingly reassigned to surveil the family of the clever and witty 9-year-old Sophie (Chloe Coleman). But right as the mission begins, the supposedly undercover JJ and his assigned partner, Bobbi (Kristen Schaal), are discovered by the young girl, who records them in their hideout with her phone. 

"If Kim finds out I got made by a 9-year-old, my career is over," JJ tells Bobbi before offering up staged murder as a reasonable solution. 

Luckily, Sophie is there to provide a more rational option: In exchange for silence, JJ should train her as a spy. He agrees, on the condition that it's just a one-time thing. The two set out on an oddball action-adventure.

"So, what’s first? Shooting range, obstacle course or how to walk away from an explosion?" Sophie is heard asking her new mentor, as a scene of JJ walking away from a car explosion plays. 

The trailer reveals that it's how to pass a lie-detector test. JJ tells Sophie all the tells of dishonesty, including the "slightest blink of an eye," before Sophie turns it around on him. 

"You mean like this: JJ, I admire all of your tattoos," she tells the visibly uncomfortable agent, while purposely blinking. "JJ, I believe you that you've never taken steroids."

"Damn, she's good," whispers Schaal's Bobbi. 

The trailer pivots to the two stepping away from their spy work and trying their hands at everything from ice skating to dodgeball. It's here that Sophie becomes the mentor, offering JJ a little training on how to have fun and let go of being a deeply serious and super dedicated agent.

As a montage of car chases, explosions and fights follow, Sophie assures JJ that "underneath that rough exterior, you're a nice guy," before the trailer ends on JJ awkwardly dancing among a crowd of people. "This looks like the wedding at the end of Shrek," Bobbi says, cringing. 

My Spy will hit theaters sometime later this year.