Myriad on board for 3-D animated 'Dino Mom'

Will be South Korea's first English-language 3-D pic

Myriad Pictures is boarding South Korea's first English-language 3-D animated feature, "Dino Mom." The Santa Monica-based company will partially finance "Dino" and handle world sales, beginning at the AFM.

Directed by John Kafka and Yoon S. Choi, the film is a creation of South Korea's Toiion in association with Motif RMC and will be completed next year.

Boston Investments, a venture capital group with offices in Korea, is lead-financing "Dino," which follows three kids who time travel back 65 million years to the nest of a T-Rex who accepts them as her own. The film also is produced with the backing of the Korea Culture and Content Agency.

"We are thrilled to be in business with Joon, Jae and Robert, and the whole team surrounding this project," Myriad Pictures CEO Kirk D'Amico said.

Toiion was founded by Korean CGI pioneers Joon B. Heo, who directed and produced the Warner Bros. series "Cubix," and Yoon S. Choi, whose credits include "Son of the Mask" and "Van Helsing: The London Assignment."