Myriad going 'Places' with Killer Films


CANNES -- Kirk D'Amico's production/financing company Myriad Pictures is teaming with Christine Vachon's Killer Films to produce an adaptation of crime writer James Ellroy's memoir "My Dark Places."

Ellroy's 1996 book tells the true story of his mother's murder, a troubled adolescence that followed and his later investigation into the crime. The event, which occurred when he was 10, was key in developing the writer's fascination with Los Angeles-based crime tomes such as "L.A. Confidential" and "The Black Dahlia," both of which have been brought to the screen.

The producers are in talks with several directors being considered for the film, including Tom Kalin, the helmer of Killer's Festival de Cannes title "Savage Grace."

Myriad has owned rights to the book for some seven years, with at least one early adaptation written by documentarian Jan Oxenberg ("Thank You and Goodnight") and Robert Greenwald once attached to direct. The Oxenberg version will be used for the upcoming film. No production start date has been announced.

Myriad is financing the film and handling presales on the project beginning at the Festival de Cannes. It's the latest addition to a diverse Cannes sales slate that includes Oscar Wilde adaptation "A Woman of No Importance," starring Annette Bening, Sienna Miller and Sean Bean; "Death Defying Acts," starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Guy Pearce; Dario Argento's "Mother of Tears," starring Asia Argento; "The Cry of the Owl," starring Sarah Polley and Paddy Considine; and another true crime drama, "Six Bullets From Now," starring Lena Headey, Josh Lucas, Tim Roth and Dermot Mulroney.

Killer has lived up to its name in recent years with a slate of films involving true crimes, from "Grace," "Infamous," "Mrs. Harris" and "An American Crime" to the upcoming frat hazing film "Goat." Killer is run by Vachon with partners Pam Koffler and Katie Roumel.

Other upcoming Ellroy film adaptations include the George Clooney starrer "White Jazz" for Warner Independent Pictures.