MySpace gets makeover; options for branding grow


News Corp.'s MySpace said today that it is rolling out a redesigned home page, TV player and other enhancements beginning next week.

The social networking giant also will overhaul site navigation, its profile editor and its search system.

MySpace will relaunch its home page Wednesday, the culmination of a project the company has been working on since December. MySpace sales and marketing president Jeff Berman said the new page will feature an option for "bigger and more powerful" options for brand takeovers.

"One of the things that's been interesting as we've gone through our research with our users is that they love the home page takeovers," Berman said. "They frequently view it as content, and it adds more value to their experience."

Past brand takeovers have featured "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," Nestea and Taco Bell. A "major advertiser" will take over the page Thursday.

The updated video player for MySpaceTV will have support of HD, a full-screen mode and new options for video sharing. It also will have a more flexible advertising platform, making it easier to use different formats.

The new navigation will be "more organized around people, content and culture," Berman said, and the new search will feature tabs for categories, including people, music and MySpaceTV. The new profile editor "will allow users who are not necessarily schooled in HTML to customize pages as if they were," he added.

Berman said the idea for the overhauls came a year ago during an executive retreat.