Myspace Launches 'Music Video Collaborations With Artists We Like,' Features TV on the Radio, Federal Prism

The new program is an attempt to resuscitate the site's reputation as an ally for artists.

In a bid to cut through the noise of an altered Internet landscape, and resuscitate its reputation as an ally for artists, the new Myspace has launched a program to produce original music videos, Billboard reports. The program, dubbed “Music Video Collaborations With Artists We Like” will partner Myspace with select artists and labels to create new videos owned by the artist and distributed via Myspace and YouTube.
The first collaboration under the program is with Federal Prism, the independent record label founded by TV on the Radio member and producer Dave Sitek earlier this year. Myspace will produce six videos from different Federal Prism artists set to premiere over the coming months.
Watch the first video in the series, a transcendental narrative inspired by TV on the Radio’s new single “Million Miles” and co-directed by the band’s own Kyp Malone with Natalie Leite, below.

In an interview with, Myspace VP of content and creative Joseph Patel said he viewed the series as a creative way to raise awareness about the new Myspace and send a signal that the site remains a potent platform for both artists and fans.
“For me, from a content perspective, I could spend money and do an interview with the band, or I could spend that money and work with the band and shoot a creative music video that lasts forever and that we get content out of,” Patel said. “Everybody wins.”
Myspace has laid out a rough time table of one video per month for the series. Collaborators beyond Federal Prism have not yet been announced.