MySpace movie shooting this week


LONDON -- What is billed as the world's first user-generated movie -- launched by MySpace, Vertigo Films and Film4 and backed by the U.K. Film Council and Screen WM -- will begin shooting this week, backers said Tuesday.

The backers for the project, titled "Faintheart," launched an Internet-wide search for a director and wannabe movie stars from among the great unwashed to star alongside a British who's who of indie talent including Eddie Marsan ("Miami Vice"), Ewan Bremner ("Hallam Foe") and Jessica Hynes ("Shaun of the Dead").

Vito Rocco, who won MySpace's £1 million ($2 million) directing competition -- voted on by the MySpace community -- is behind the camera for the shoot. More than 500,000 voters selected Rocco's winning short film, "Goodbye Cruel World," in the race for the canvas seat.

"Faintheart" is billed as a romantic comedy about people who re-enact Viking battles as a hobby.

It centers on a "weekend warrior" who goes on an epic quest to win back his wife after she leaves him, branding him childish and irresponsible.

Newcomer David Lemon, who has a background in television and docu shorts, penned the winning script.

The producers are Allan Niblo, Rupert Preston and James Richardson for Vertigo along with James Fabricant from MySpace and Arvind Ethan David, Rachel Connors and Judy Counihan for Slingshot.