MySpace's COO leads new initiatives


NEW YORK -- As News Corp.'s MySpace gets set to open its platform to outside developers, the social network site said Wednesday that Amit Kapur will lead the effort in his new role as COO.

In addition to overseeing "development and implementation of all global business operations," Kapur, who was promoted from vp business development, will have responsibility for the growth of the new MySpace Developer Platform.

Beginning on Tuesday 2/5, outside developers will be able to begin building applications and features for use on the social network, though MySpace is withholding most of the other details of the program until next week. It has set up a page for developers to preregister for the platform at

The company has not said when the applications will be able to be applied to pages on the social network.

MySpace also has not released information on what kind of revenue share the platform will have with third parties. But the company said it "will actively work to help developers monetize and promote their applications."

MySpace will hold a "kickoff event" and workshop for developers Tuesday in San Francisco.

The implementation of the platform has been expected, and it will be compatible with Google's Open Social standards. Facebook opened its platform in a similar way in May, seen as one of the reasons for that site's growing popularity during the past several months.

Kapur has been with MySpace since 2005, when he was the company's first business developer hire; in 2006, he was promoted to vp business development, helping to seal MySpace's monetization deal with Google, its partnership with Skype and a music licensing pact with Sony BMG.

Also on Wednesday, MySpace and the Weinstein Company launched a short horror film contest in conjunction with "George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead," which will be released on February 15. Entrants will be able to submit short horror films to from now through February 29 to enter in the contest. MySpace users will vote on the ten best entries and then "Diary" writer and director Romero will choose five to be featured on the DVD release of the Weinstein-distributed movie.