NAB 2009


Sunday, April 19

NAB probes 3-D synergy
Disney motion pictures group president Mark Zoradi emphasized that "we don't want a format war for 3-D for the home" as he called for technical standards to enable the wide adoption of 3-D on Sunday at the National Association of Broadcasters Show. Full story

Monday, April 20

Henry Selick sees film advancing beyond 3-D
"Coraline" director Henry Selick believes that beyond 3-D, holograms might be in the entertainment industry's future. "It looks like this is going to happen," he said Monday at the NAB Show. "This could be huge, though it could take long time. Everyone wants to bring spectacle to entertainment." Full story

Rehr predicts quantum growth for industry
While acknowledging the troubled economy, National Association of Broadcasters president and CEO David Rehr asserted that there are "great opportunities for radio and television" in this time of rapid change. Full story

BSkyB exec pleas for help with 3-D
Gerry O'Sullivan, director of strategic product development for U.K. broadcaster BSkyB, told the audience at the National Association of Broadcasters Show that they have a choice to continue to discuss 3-D or take the first step. Full story

Tuesday, April 21

Rob Cohen gives props to action films
Director Rob Cohen defended the action film during a session Tuesday at the NAB Show and also shared his views on marketing and theatrical exhibition. Full story

Moving hologram showcased at NAB
A system of creating a moving hologram is among the bleeding-edge technologies that are on display this week at the NAB Show. Full story

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