Nadine Nohr Appointed Shine International CEO

The new deal was signed after her successful spell as interim CEO.

Shine Group has confirmed Nadine Nohr as the CEO of Shine International on a permanent basis.

Nohr originally accepted the role on a yearlong basis in September 2012 and has been a consultant to Shine International since 2010, overseeing the relocation and restructure of Shine Group's global distribution company in 2011.

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Prior to joining Shine, Nohr had held a variety of roles within international distribution, including that of managing director of Granada International for 12 years.

Alex Mahon, CEO of Shine Group said: “Nadine has been exceptional in her leadership of Shine International, and I am delighted that she has accepted our request to become the permanent CEO. She has been instrumental in the company’s recent successes, rapid growth and good health. I am tremendously excited for the times that lie ahead for Shine International with Nadine at the helm. She is a true master of the international sales business, and we are fortunate to have her experience.”

Nadine Nohr said: “With such a dynamic team throughout Shine, brilliant third-party clients and a varied and quality catalog to bring to broadcasters I am thrilled about the many opportunities the future holds here.”