NAFF cash goes to Asian, U.S. films

Inaugural project market sees no deals done

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BUCHEON, South Korea -- Films in development from China, the U.S. and South Korea won cash awards Wednesday at the close of the first Network of Asian Fantastic Films project market.

Winner of NAFF's inaugural 10 million won ($10,040) award to support production went to Frank Lin's "0DB" from the U.S., to Kim Jin-won's "The Devils" and Chang Hyung-hun's "My Girlfriend Is a Brindled Cow" both from South Korea, and to Zhang Yong's "Bomb Shelter" from China.

NAFF ran from July 19-23 alongside the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in this satellite city to the South Korean capital Seoul, hosting 168 industry professionals from 13 countries meeting about 19 prospective projects.

No deals were signed at the market, but organizers said much interest was shown in Lin's "0DB," in "Removal," by Kim Hong-suk of Korea, which won the market's sound award, and in "Starstruck," by Taiwan director Kevin Ko, winner of the award for computer graphics for a project costing over $500,000.

NAFF jurors included Tim Quinn, senior vp Magnolia Pictures, director Takashi Shimizu ("Ju-on") and producer/festival adviser Roger Garcia.

Other awards included the Moneff Award for editing a film costing over $500,000, which went to Xie Dong's "206 Speed Delivery" from China; the award for editing a film costing less than $500,000, which went to Nathan Adolfson's "The Help" from the Philippines and the U.S.; and the award for computer graphics for a project under $500,000, which went to Kim's "The Devils."