'Nailed' back on track with guilds secure


The latest crisis in David O. Russell's politically charged romantic comedy "Nailed" has been resolved.

On Monday, filming in South Carolina resumed for the movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel, following SAG's decision to shutter production over payroll issues.

SAG on Friday had ordered its actors to stop working after producers failed to replenish its deposit with the union to cover the actors' payroll. The DGA and IATSE followed suit, sources said.

SAG often requires low-budget productions to make deposits with the union to pay actors if payroll can't be met. The producers can draw from that deposit during the course of production but must replenish the fund.

A source close to SAG said with "Nailed," the actors were paid out of the deposit, but the producers — Red Wagon Prods., Persistent Entertainment and Capitol Films — did not deposit more funds to the account.

SAG said it had received "adequate financial assurances that its members will be paid their wages." A DGA source also confirmed it has advised Russell, as well as the project's assistant directors and unit production managers, to keep working. (partialdiff)
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