Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Causes Fight in NYC

Hillary Clinton - Second Presidential Debate - H - 2016
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

One woman was so offended by the statue, she knocked it over and sat on it.

A naked Hillary Clinton statue sparked outrage in New York City on Tuesday.

The statue depicted Clinton disrobed, with hoofed feet and a man in a suit grabbing her from behind while resting his head on her breast. A woman who worked at a nearby museum knocked the statue over and sat on it, struggling with a man who tried to pick it back up.

The man identified himself to The New York Daily News as the artist, named Anthony Scioli. At one point in the video, he can be seen spanking the Clinton statue on the butt, after the woman brings it down to the ground.

"She's not strong; she's fat," a bystander says after people nearby begin to comment on the scuffle. At 8:30 a.m. counterterrorism officers ordered the artist to take down the statue as he didn't have a permit for it.

In August, multiple naked Donald Trump statues were unveiled in five major U.S. cities. The statues were created by a different artist, credited to anarchist group INDECLINE.