Stephen Colbert and James Corden Joke About Orlando Bloom's Nude Paddleboarding Photos

Nude Orlando Bloom Woodworking Photoshop— H 2016
The Late Show

"If this is the kind of America Hillary Clinton is offering, I am in," said James Corden after seeing the photos.

After photos of Orlando Bloom paddleboarding naked while on vacation with Katy Perry went viral online yesterday, both Stephen Colbert and James Corden devoted part of their monologues to joking about the racy pics.

"Orlando Bloom stole my vacation plans," joked Colbert. "There is nothing like a photo of Orlando Bloom paddleboarding fully naked alongside Katy Perry in a bikini in Sardinia to remind you — celebrities, they're nothing like us."

The Late Show host said there was most likely a reason the Lord of the Rings star was "paddleboarding al fresco," offering up suggestions like he "needed an extra rudder" or he's "trying to tan his little Legolas."

Bloom didn't just paddleboard naked, he also played on the rocks while naked, which inspired Colbert to photoshop a naked Bloom doing multiple activities. "Here he is admiring the Sistine Chapel," said Colbert, also showing images of a nude Bloom woodworking, bungee-jumping and participating in archery.

Corden also got in on the fun. He showed a censored photograph during his monologue and said of the picture, "You can see Orlando Bloom, a giant oar, and whatever he's using to row with."

"Last week Katy Perry was at the Democratic National Convention, and this week she's paddleboarding with her boyfriend in the buff. If this is the kind of America Hillary Clinton is offering, I am in," said Corden, emphatically.

At the end of his monologue, where he also talked about condoms, the Rio Olympics, and Millennials not having sex, Corden brought the conversation back to Bloom. He showed a picture of Bernie Sanders looking surprised and joked it was taken "right after he saw those photos of Orlando Bloom."