Nancy Grace On 'Dark Knight' Shooter James Holmes: 'He Was Not Insane'

Nancy Grace

What TV's prosecutor thinks about the accused Aurora shooter, George Zimmerman ('credibility gone') and Amanda Knox ('a miscarriage of justice').

This story first appeared in the Sept. 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

James Holmes: "He was not insane," Nancy Grace argues of the accused Dark Knight Rises mass killer, though she expects him to plead insanity because "there is nowhere else for him to go." In terms of blaming violence in the media, she argues: "We have always searched for something to blame for heinous crimes. It is not the media. It is not his mommy or his daddy. It is not Christian Bale. It is him."

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George Zimmerman: "Whatever credibility they had is now gone over some money," she says of the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed Trayvon Martin and then, with his wife, Shellie, lied about his financial status to the court.

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Amanda Knox: "It's a miscarriage of justice," Grace argues about the Seattle student recently released from prison in Italy, where she had been found guilty of murdering a roommate. "I do not believe Knox wielded the murder weapon. I do believe she was on the scene, aiding and abetting, part of the crime. When Knox initially spoke to police, she told them she had a dream in which she heard her roommate screaming bloody murder. I don't believe in 'dream sequences.' "