Pelosi Presents Haim Saban, Hollywood with Democratic Plan to Recapture House (Exclusive)

Nency Pelosi News Conference - H 2012
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Nency Pelosi News Conference - H 2012

Democratic bigwigs brief fundraisers at Saban's mansion Monday evening.

More than 50 of Los Angeles' most influential political fundraisers and consultants quietly met Monday night at media mogul Haim Saban's Beverly Hills home to hear former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi outline the Democrats' plan for taking back the U.S. House of Representatives, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The San Francisco-based House minority leader was buttonholed by several Hollywood activists who wanted to know how Congress and the White House intend to proceed on future anti-piracy legislation. (Pelosi has also been making calls to studio heads in recent days to try to patch things up in the wake of the SOPA loss, sources say.)

"A lot of people talked to the leader about SOPA," one attendee to THR. "Pelosi said the bottom line is we've got to get everyone in and get a compromise."

Entertainment industry guests included composer Mike Stoller and his wife Corky, longtime philanthropy advisor Marge Tabankin, and Jeffrey Katzenberg's political advisor Andy Spahn. The event was co-hosted by producer Steve Bing. (A number of invitees were at a memorial service for the late Oscar producer Gil Cates and could not attend the Pelosi event.)

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Those gathered at the Saban estate listened to Pelosi, Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee head Steve Israel lay out a strategy for regaining control of the house in 2012.

They told the crowd that the Democrats have "a real chance" to take back 25 seats.

"They identified between 50 and 75 seats that are definitely vulnerable," the attendee said. "They went through each of the races. It was truly one of the more focused presentations that I've seen."

The meeting came on the eve of First Lady Michelle Obama's arrival in Los Angeles, where she will be attending two fundraisers for her husband's reelection campaign.