Nancy Shevell, Kayne West, Hailee Steinfeld are Paris Spring Fashion Front Row Faces

Hailee Steinfeld attends Miu Miu's Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2012 Show

Why did Paul McCartney, Nancy Shevell, Haylee Steinfeld, Liv Tyler, Kanye West attend the Paris Fashion Shows? Simple. For love and/or money.

Celebrities at fashion shows are (yawn) nothing new. Designers have been paying beaucoup bucks for celebs to sit pretty in the front rows of their runway presentations for decades. But it's always interesting to see who comes to support whom, be it their family, friends and/or business associates.

PHOTOS: The Famous Faces at the Paris Spring 2012 Fashion Shows

For instance, Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney hit his daughter Stella McCartney’s Paris Spring 2012 show last week. McCartney's show opened with several classic white dresses, clearly a portent of the wedding frock she designed that was worn by Shevell to her wedding on Oct 9. McCartney’s daughter also did the bridesmaids dresses and was in charge of the vegan food served at their wedding reception too.

And we would love to have been a fly on a front row chair to hear what Nicole Richie (who has a clothing line now) and her former stylist Rachel Zoe (who also has her own clothing line) had to say to each the Louis Vuitton show (rumored to be Marc Jacob's dry run for the Dior head designer post). They've probably mended fences or at least try to look like they have.

Other celeb/designer alliances: Oscar-nominated True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld hit the Miu Miu Paris show because she's now the well-paid contracted face of the line and appears in their ads. Liv Tyler turned up at Givenchy's  show wearing a blouse with a praying mantis (or some kind of bizarre insect) print over an asymmetrical skirt. Why? Liv is the face of Givenchy’s fragrance Very Irresistible. And that hefty Givenchy paycheck must also be irresistible. Kanye West, whose clothing line Dw Paris debut got less than stellar reviews, came to Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy show because Tisci did the artwork for Jay-Z and Kanye's Watch the Line album. Oh, and Kanye also got to hang out with models Naomi Campbell and Chanel Iman.

Click on the Famous Folks at Fashion Shows gallery to see more celebs including Twiggy, Olivia Wilde, Kylie Minoque, Abbie Cornish, Uma Thurman, Clemence Poesy, a very shy (not) Jared Leto, and Salma Hayek, whose wedding vows to French fashion tycoon Francois Pinault must have included a promise to love, honor and wear his designers’ clothing.

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